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Hey there, fellow Otakus and Fujoshis! How’s everybody been doin? Just wanted to say, I’m very sorry for the lack of updates. Got the Final exam here at school, plus the student’s council task and what-not! Not to mention that I also found a new interest on the web, making it REALLY hard to juggle all the responsibilities… :3 And, since school holiday has already started here in Malaysia, Guess I’ll be able to post something, sometime soon!Image


Sorry for the looooong wait! (that is, if you guys EVER waited! xD)


The Ota-Squad Base

Konnichiwa to all you readers out there! :D I’m finally back to blogging, after almost a month just stuck with books at my school… =w=” and this time, i decided to do something out of the norm. Usually, I’d make a review on one of my Gunplas! :P But today, I’d like to try something quite different….. hope you guys like it! ^W^


so, there you have it, folks! :D please do inform me if something’s out of place, I’d appreciate it! ;) Oh well, Ame_03 here, signing out! B|

Susanowo(GNX-Y901W) – Review

Yo Minna-san! :D after a week off from school, work and etc, I finally got my lazy bums to do a review, instead of Watching Animes, Playing Vid. games and various Eroges all day long! xD Last time on Otakuoid, I made a some-what survey, and would like to thank you all for participating~ Especially to Choco-sanK’Gunpla, Akashingou-san, Rahvin-san and last but not least, my friend Fifi-sempai! xD

Okay then, let’s get down to business, shall we? B| Today, I’ll be doing a review on Mr. Bushido’s Susanowo(GNX-Y901W) @_@

Can’t find a suitable backdrop, so I just Improvised and used the box from the poster I bought at The AFA Malaysia few months back! xD Hope it turns out alright!

For a HG-kit, I must say that he has very few weapons, and I mean It!  Accessory wise,   Susanowo came with just two Swords/Katana, A pair of GN Claws, A Beam Chakram(located between the two antenna on it’s head) and nothing more! ;)

On the bright side, the two Katanas (Shiranui & Unryu) can be joined to form one Badass Solid-Blade (Souten, to be exact)! And for those who watch the 00-Gundam Series, you know a solid blade is better than any of the other weapons! :P

The pair of GN Claws. These are (supposed to be) used to grasp on to the enemy during CQC /blade-to-blade combats!

Oh, and not to forget, the secret weapon of the Susanowo, The GN Cannon, known as the Tri-Punisher! B| The GN Cannon is conveniently hidden under the cockpit. See for yourself!

Moving on, now! Presenting, Susanowo!

A close up on the torso,

and the Legs!

Susanowo’s legs are pretty…..slim if you ask me! I’d say, these legs are not suitable for ground combat!

and the rear side.

The two GN claws somehow looked like two GN Drives! xD Too bad the Dual-GN Drive system are used only by 00 Gundam (hence the name) and Reborns Gundam :P

And now, for some poses! Show us what you got, Susanowo

“Deploying GN Claws!”


Let’s go, SOUTEN!

And my favorite part, Tri-Punisher Attack!!!!

based on the series :

Alright, now that we’ve settled that, I’d like to do a some-what comparison between Susanowo and  it’s late predecessor, Graham Aker’s Custom Flag(s)! ^W^

Credit for the Photo goes to FiFi-sempai! :D

Unlike It’s predecessor, Susanowo Can’t transform to jet mode, But still, It’s really fast! (Considering the Slim design and Trans-Am System)

Close-up on the diffferences :

the torso ^ and the legs :

The only thing, In my point of view that is kept (almost) the same, Is the fist/gauntlet of both units. See it for yourself!

Guess this concludes My Review on The Susanowo. Well then, Susanowo, You can head back to base now. Standby for further orders.

“Ryokai. Heading back to HQ”

Eh, looks like Susanowo encountered a resistance on the way home!

Careful, Susanowo! Don’t want it to end like in the series! o3o

*transmission lost

Happy Eid Mubarak to All! \(^W^)/

Hakkuo Ame here, wishing all of you a happy and prosperous Eid Mubarak! :D On my last post, I did a some-what survey on which one of my Gunplas should i make a review on. and on that note, I’d like to you all for participating! ;) And, I’d also like to apologise, since the review on Susanowo had to be postponed, since It’s Festival Time here! xD

Anyway, the review’ll be roughly in about 2 weeks, sorry for the delay, fellow Otakus… :P

AFA Malaysia 2012!!!! ^W^

Sorry for the late post, minna!!! (had school to attend to! =_=” ) oh well, I just posted this, and it was crazy, but here’s the pictures, so check it out maybe! xD

thankx 4 the views and likes! xD

Hatsune Miku (初音ミク) – Composite ver. Review

Konnichiwa-desu minna! :D It’s been ages eons since I’ve made a post,(due to studyin’ at a boarding school) and so, since semester break has started, today I’ll post on a review of my first Figma, Hatsune Miku’s Composite version, a figma by Tamashii Nation! :3

Front view of the box


Side view


Her Twin tails ate up most of the space in the bow, not to mention there’s 2 of them! (double trouble!)


Standard set of exchangeable hands,


one cheerful, (preferred)exchangeable face and a spare tie,


A mike, And WHAT’S this? two NEGIs??? O_o (well, I guess Miku DOES get hungry sometimes XD )


I’m not a really big fan of the stand though, It limits Miku’s poses…. So, I improvised and used a Gunpla stand instead XD!!!

ImageThe stand’s quite different from the usual figma’s stand…. Guess this one’s different because of the manufacturer, (oh well,)

Here’s her in her combat mode! Gotta admit, she didn’t look like the Miku we all knew…. (pretty creepy if you ask me!)


a close-up on her (aggressive) face…


and now, let’s ditch that look and switch to a face we’re all more familiar of, The happy-go-lucky Miku!!! :3 She looks A LOT different after she’s raised the visor! (just goes to show, don’t judge a book by it’s cover! :P )


A close up on her ever Kawaii face!


Her details are quite impressive, just love the booster-look on her twin tails! XDImage

not to mention the translucent look for her leek!


Nicely sculpted skirt! (too bad there’s no pantsu underneath it… ;) )


the standard engraving “01” on her left shoulder has been given a digital look!


and my favorite part, her ‘music player’ at the back of her torso :D


and get this, you can even open it and change the CD! Now, just have to find the right button to switch her on XD


Okay, I believe we’ve gone through All the details! And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, MIKU, STRIKE US SOME POSES!!!! @_@


I’ll make you go Miku-Miku! @_@


Who’s up for a round on PS2? ;)


Leek…..YUM! n_n


Want a leek? or two? XD


You are going to finish your greens, and you are gonna LIKE IT!!!!!


Overall, If you’re a fan of Gunplas and Figmas, this is a Figma for you, since it’s kinda fusion of both! I simply love her mecha look+kawaii face! ^W^ And again, sorry for the bad quality image and shots, I’m still a noob at this kinda stuff XD!

I guess this concludes my FIRST review on my FIRST Figma! If you found anything wrong or out of place in this post, kindly inform me, since I’m still a newbie :P .Thankx for dropping by, and be sure to expect more to come, and please drop by anytime soon for updates!

Amaruro here, peace out!


oh, and a word of thanks to Tamashii Nation for this GREAT figma! >_<

Ore no collection 101

Greetings, and If you’re an Otaku, Welcome! As a fellow Otaku, I also collect Figmas, nendroid and such, not to mention that I specialize in collecting Gundams! Since I’m still in high school, I don’t have much time on my hands, so here are the  basics of my collection!

Searching for target!



I am the ruler of HUMANITY!

NONE shall stand in my way!

Shooting down Targets!
During the darkest hour....

Eliminating Targets!

Sniping Targets!

And to all of you who are viewing this blog, allow me to thanks you for spending your time here, and to apologise  for the bad quality image, since I captured them using a camera-phone :p….


oh, and I would like to ask for your opinion on this blog, since this is my first one! onegai-shimasu! :D